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1990 Pontiac Grand Am
My car sucks cause no sooner did I drive it off the car lot it rattles the brakes are shot the entire exhaust needs replaced tires are going bald, although that's mostly my fault, the driver door locks but doesn't unlock the sunroof sticks shocks and struts are shot rims are ugly there is a crack in the windshield and the engine needs rebuilt.
Brian Keeney

Mysterious electrical problems within weeks of buying it used. Power passenger window motor that moves the window about a half an inch and then has to rest. Headlight switch started smoking and mostly melted itself. Mysterious coolant leak which turned out to be the water pump. Replacing the water pump required not only removing the exhaust manifold and a motor mount and jacking up the engine, but would've required removal of the spindle and a cv axle if I wasn't a creative mechanic.. Eats gas for no apparent reason. Hood latch release cable broken, but fortunately it's easy to pop the hood through the hole which the front grill covered before it fell off. Trunk leaks, antennae wire seems to have disconnected itself, fuse block refuses to stay locked in it's upright position. My current project is replacing the faulty serpentine belt tensioner, which has so far required removal of the alternator, the a/c compressor and condenser, and the entire alternator bracket, which is securely mounted to the engine with *ten* bolts. Yes, ten. This project has also resulted in four trips to the parts store because of Pontiac having such a plethora of belt configurations. Otherwise, no problems with the car.
John Osinski

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