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1990 Pontiac 6000

We bought it from my grandparents after I graduated from high school. I ran it around town for two years, and never had a problem with it. 

Out of the blue the stupid thing started stalling out whenever I slowed down. It got progressively worse until I just couldn't drive it anymore. We took it to nearly every mechanic in town (including the dealer and friends, who thankfully looked at it for free.) Desperate to get the stupid thing running we took nearly everybody's 
advice and pumped over $1000 dollars in it on pointless things, such as a brand new starter they replaced without informing us... only to have it work sporadically and leave me stranded many times, including one very hot summer day when everybody I knew was out of town...

Finally, my step dad asked some guys at work and they had him clean the carburetor. It ran perfectly for 3 weeks and then a few days ago I drove it to the grocery store and I was barely able to get it home because it would stall out any time I had to take my foot off the gas pedal.

The car has been in and out of service for about a year now and my family is obsessed with finding a solution to the mysterious problem.

I have been driving a little blue '87 Chrysler that belonged to my stepfather's mother. The brakes have gone out, the timing has been adjusted several times, the thing idles so loud it makes the neighbors dogs howl and now the transmission is going out.

Of course, it's a whole lot better than what I had I guess...

Right now I have to follow my boyfriend home in it because his radiator is backed up or something and his car keeps overheating.

I hate cars, I wish I could ride a bike...

Amanda Wesley

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