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2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse
Oil leak and oil light comes on, with only 1485 miles on it, I have been told that it's something different each time. now they say yes there is oil leaking but we cant find the leak, we want to drive the car for 200 miles to see what happens. this car has been in the shop 5 times since I brought it in September.
Andrew Kulis

My car is less than two years old and already there are two holes worn in the convertible top. The district rep tells me that it is my fault because I do not put the boot on every time i lower the top. This is ridiculous. Anyone who drives one of these cares knows that it is completely impractical to put the boot on every time. This is a design flaw that Mitsubishi should fix. The leather on the drivers side seat has always almost completely through in less than two years!!! The rep was going to replace that until I pissed him off by telling him that I was going to appeal his decision about the ragtop. What a baby!
Kelly Campagne

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