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2003 Mitsubishi Montero Sport
Bought vehicle March 29th with 25 miles on it. On April 2 vehicle would not engage in Drive when it's cold. Just sits there like it's in Neutral then after several seconds slams into drive. Had it into 2 different dealers 4 times (21 days) and all they and Mitsubishi say is they can't reproduce the problem so they can't/won't fix it. Have a videotape of it doing this on 4 different dates and supplied it to dealer and Mitsubishi. Nothing! 427 miles on it and it's sitting in my driveway waiting to go to arbitration. Mitsubishi commercials say "Wake up and Drive" in my case its wake up, start the vehicle, have a cup of coffee, shower and shave and then, maybe, you can Drive!
Steve Arena

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