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2002 Kia Spectra
I am very frustrated at this point with this car.  I have spent more time at the dealership than I think the law allows.  I have contacted Kia Consumer Assistance and the best that they could offer me was an apology that I feel I bought a lemon and the fact that Kia stands behind their warranty.  What about Kia standing behind the car itself?  I believe, in my opinion, that the reason there is a warranty for 100,000 miles is because Kia knows the cars will break down after reaching 20,000 miles.  I am to the point of letting the creditor repo the car.  That is how frustrated I am.  I know that if I let them repo the car it will go on my credit but at this point I do not see another alternative.  I pay 400.00 / month for a car that sits at the dealers half the time.  And regardless if I am driving the car or not, I still have to make my payments.  I have put out 150.00 for rentals that Kia would not cover because they said the car was drivable.  I had to literally fight with the company for them to provide a rental and they only covered 4 out of 8 days.  When I take my car in for service, I leave it with them for the day just so they can do diagnostics on it and when I get it back I have to set another appointment to have the parts installed because they do not keep the parts on stock.  Then they replace the parts with remanufactured parts.  Not new ones!  On top of that, service had the car the whole day once and realized they had the wrong part.  This has been a huge inconvenience and I believe that Kia owes me another car.
Shelly Robison

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