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2000 Kia Sportage
Hi my name is Ted and I bought a 2000 KIA Shortage brand new right off the lot. It only had 67 miles on it at the time. My wife and I drove it a lot because it was our first NEW car ever. After three months we racked up 6k miles and the transmission started acting up. At a light, after it turned green, I stepped on the gas and we just sat there. The engine revved up and then lurched forward making the tiers chirp. We took it to the dealership to get it looked at. After a day in the shop they told us that it had a big problem, but they didn't know how to fix it and had to call other dealers to see how they handled similar problems. So we left it with them for a few days while they rented us a car. When we returned they said it was all fixed and ready to go. We re turned the rental and started to drive home. Same problem, no power or pick up on the highway and slow response at lights. We took it back right away and see what they did to it. When we got there they said that there was nothing wrong with it and it was acting just like it should. I told them that I would like to take it to another shop for a second opinion they told me that we would have to take it to another dealer or it would void the warranty. We told them fine and asked if there was one in Bozeman. They said yes and we were on our way. Thinking that they would call ahead telling them that there was a couple of suckers coming down, so we took off to Missoula instead. This was my sons second birthday and we had to deal with these people. Anyway when we found the dealership in Missoula and told them that we were there to get our KIA looked at and told them what was wrong with it.
After an hour the mechanic came out to talk to us. He told us that he put it on the computer to see if anything registered and there was nothing. It was doing what it was supposed to do. So I ask him "You're telling us we bought a piece of junk?"
His reply was "I can't say that, BUT it is doing what it is supposed to do."
I asked "After only 6000 miles?"
He said "yes, it is doing exactly what it is supposed to do."
"You mean fall apart?"
Again "I can't say anything bad about the car, I work for the company."
We took it back to Helena and worked on trading it in for a different car. By the way if you are ever in Montana STAY AWAY FROM POWER CHEVY AND POWER KIA.
Everyone I know will not buy a KIA any KIA based on my experience.
Ted Meadows

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