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1997 Kia Sportage
I bought my car (used) just over a year ago. Since then, itís spent a full FIVE AND A HALF MONTHS in the shop. No, Iím not kidding. Itís a í97 with just under 48,000 miles on it Ė we wondered why it had such low mileage, and I think Iíve figured it out. Letís see, whatís been replaced? Two weeks after I bought it, it went back to the dealership to have several things replaced under warranty Ė the rear defroster, the power steering pump, and the muffler. I know Iím forgetting something that was replaced, but I canít remember what. It took over a month to get my car back Ė thankfully the dealership paid for my rental car after we hassled them about it. I got the car back at the beginning of February, and it was fine until the middle of May, when it started shaking horribly and the check engine light came on. The repair shop changed the spark plugs, and it was back to normal Ė until I drove out of the shop, when it started shaking the same way. I immediately took it back in to the shop Ė a month and a half (and $1800) later, I had my car back, with new oxygen sensors and fuel injectors. Everything was fine until the end of September, when it started doing the shaking thing. Again. We decided not to take it back to the same shop, since it took so long to repair last time. My parents tried to drive it from North Carolina (where Iím in school) to a garage in Virginia (where Iím from). It completely stopped running about 60 miles into the trip, and they had it towed the rest of the way. I havenít seen it since. Practically everything in the car that can be replaced, has Ė from the spark plugs to the computer. Itís now running again, but itís running really poorly and canít be driven. I have no patience left! I donít know what to do. I canít afford another car, and I certainly canít sell this one, so Iím stuck making payments on a car that I havenít seen in three months. ARGH!
Jennifer Holmes

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