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My Lexus Sucks

I paid $2,000 for a GPS accessory in a 98 Lexus LS 400. The car has been great and until they built new roads, the GPS was fine (a little expensive, but okay). Lexus moved to DVD about the following year and promptly FORGOT ABOUT US those of us that had a 1.6GB hard drive system,

Lexus has done NOTHING to upgrade the software in seven years to even include freeways that have been operational for YEARS. The worst part is that the system GIVES UP after it thinks you are driving over pastureland AND DOESN"T GIVE ANY NAVIGATION SUPPORT once it is "lost". For someone geographically challenged such as myself, there is nothing worse than having the system give up while you are on a busy expressway AND unable to have it recalculate itself because you are going more than 5mph and it is "lost".

The LEXUS system SUCKS. I just spent $800 to buy a Garmin 2620 to set on the dashboard. The built-in screen is now largely ornamental. Well, I can control the a/c with it ...

Frank St. Claire

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