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1985 Nissan Frontier
Bought it new in '98-broken light was a 'we-owe' but they had to order it. By the time it got there, the we owe was voided-30 day limit. Next was the A/C failing, a factory recall, which I had no notification from Nissan about, It happened on a trip to N.Y. (a year after the recall) They fixed that, and screwed up the engine compartment leaving chunks of insulation tattered, torn or missing. About a week later the alternator tensioner pulley began to squeal, I took it in and they replaced the a/c pulley. The other was still squealing. Two weeks later, the pulley they supposedly replaced started to squeal. Most recently, this week in fact, I replaced the front wheel bearing and races, and rebuilt the front calipers because they were locked up. This truck has 66,000 miles of mostly interstate travel. Fuel economy has gone from 32 to 20mpg, and maintenance has been impeccable, because I am a mechanic by trade. Publish this if you want. I Hate Nissan, may they rot in Hell. If you still want to buy a Nissan, You must be on Dope or something!
David Lewis

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