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1997 Nissan Maxima
I purchased my car on July 26, 00, since then my car has been in the shop on these days for the following reasons:

08/24/00 For Heating and Air Work - A/C not blowing cold air; Interior trim work - (rear truck smell) & General Maintenance Work
09/07/00 For A/C condensor leaking
09/25/00 For Emission Work - Engine light comes on car stalls while driving
09/26/00 For Emission Work - Engine light comes on cat stalls while driving
09/02/00 For A/C still not blowing out cold air & Wheel work
10/02/00 For Emission Work - Car stalls while driving & oil change; change mass air sensor
05/01/01 Meter Air Flow Sensor; Diagnostic Check; Crank Sensor; Recheck wire; Spark Plugs; Gas Filter; Oil Filter; Air Filter; Distributor Cap Rotor;
05/18/01 Diagnosis Emission - Engine Light still comes on and car still stalls while driving
07/06/01 Engine Mechanical - car still stalls while driving; wires in harness broken
02/09/02 Diagnostic Check; Gas Filter; Oil Filter
07/23/02 Crankshaft Position Sensor, Computers and Control System Diagnose/Test; Diagnostic Circuit Inspect & RE Test System
10-30-02 New Transmission

I have a lot more for 2003 I just don't have those invoices with me
Elizabeth Cruz

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