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1985 Nissan Sentra
It smells like sweat, menthol cigarettes and cheap pot. It looks like I stole it from Mexico. I actually did, but hey what can I say. It runs like I stole it from Mexico. It doesn't help when I'm trying to get some p-ssy, and my boyfriend doesn't like it. When I drive over 25 miles an hour, it makes a really loud creaking sound and if I turn too hard to the left, the gears get all grunged up. The back seat has no room for me and my boyfriend, or his mom for that matter. MY CAR IS A F_CKING PIECE OF SH_T IT SHOULD DIE AND BURN IN HELL AND BE TORTURED BY THE DEVIL STICKING A FORK UP ITS EXHAUST RIPPING OUT ITS MUFFLER BARBEQUING IT AND FEEDING IT TO THE SPAWN OF SATAN.
Hugh Jass

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