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1986 Mercury Sable
Okay, I have a 1986 Ford Mercury Sable and it sucks really bad. First of
all, though my dad (who has owned it since '86) was extremely anal about
taking care of it, and he instilled that into me when I took possession in
'99, it still a piece of sh*t. It doesn't start with the ignition anymore.
My dad was really cool about installing a switch on the dash that bypasses
the ignition, so my husband loves it because he gets to pop the hood and use
a double-headed wire to spark the ignition and the starter to get the engine
going. But on the other hand, since we are from Oregon, it is ALWAYS
raining (even in the 90 degree weather we've been having lately) and the
sparking I know will kill my husband one of these days!

Also, the gas tank latch is broken, and when I called the Ford company to
order a new one, they explained that since they don't make those anymore, it
would be $80. Eighty bucks for a tiny, 2 inch metal piece to keep my gas
tank closed?!?! Forget that, you can get a top for the tank w/ a key lock
for only $10 at Wal-Mart. Unfortunately, before I could, my tank was
siphoned twice by some neighborhood kids. Oh well! Hopefully when we get
our taxes back we'll be able to get a car that's less sucky.
Bekah D. 

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