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1985 Ford Tempo
Tempo must stand for Temporary Transportation because the first day that I owned the car it died on me 4 times trying to get it home from the lot. The guy sold it to me without a frost plug so it wouldn't hold any fluid in the engine and thus would overheat within a matter of minutes. Many other stories to follow within my year of owning my first car, Ahh memories of exhaust in the interior when the muffler ripped off. 
In disgust for the Ford product that I owned I proceeded to take off everything on the car that said Ford and replace it with anything that I had. The front Ford oval became a 311 logo, and the Tempo badge became a Burton Snowboard logo and Etc. You can see these modifications in the enclosed pictures. 
By the time that I my car was running for only about 2 min. and then dying, I felt that it was time for it's life to end, but not like any other car. This gem of an automobile deserved better than that. That is when I decided that I should rip out the engine piece by piece, take apart the interior, and shove it all back into the interior before the tow truck came to take my car to it's grave. It was a great car, but it definitely did suck.
Ryan Connealy

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